Vending Products

From temporary tattoos to bouncy balls, to plush toys and everything in between, Vending Supply, the vending division of TM International, is a one-stop shop for vending needs. Vending Supply believes in putting the customer first and delivering quality, safety tested products with same day shipping in most cases since 1983.

Through Vending Supply, we carry a variety of bulk vending products including toys and trinkets for 1” capsules, 2” capsules, bouncy balls, soft plush and temporary tattoos. Vendors can fill their vending machines with quality products their customers will love.

Vending Supply also designs and distributes products made to be dispensed to consumers through flat vending machines. Flat Vending Supply products are usually produced in a 2.5” x 3.5” size. All of our flat vending products are pre-packaged. We have a great selection of licensed products as well as original designs in full or enhanced glitter, metallic and glow-in-the-dark. We also offer a unique collection of augmented reality “live” temporary tattoos.

Throughout the year we continue to increase our product offering. To view all Vending Supply products, visit the website. For additional information, call 800-315-9849 or email [email protected].