Retail Products


SAVVi has been creating children’s products that encourage imaginative play since 1989. Well over 2 billion products have been produced and sold since 1989. 100 percent of our products continue to be proudly imagineered and designed in-house, while the majority of these are also American Made. Featuring today’s most popular media properties and newest technologies, our time-honored toys and play activities foster creativity and provide children with engaging and fun recreational learning.

SAVVi products are available in all major retail stores across North America, and can be also found worldwide. Click here to view our full SAVVi catalog. Many of our retail products can be found through our other divisions as well.

Wholesales Temporary Tattoos

SAVVi carries many branded temporary tattoo products, including TatTees, Tattoo Mania and Glitter 4 Girls.

SAVVi also offers a variety of premium sticker products, which are primarily sold through our Vending Supply Division. Many of these include licensed stickers, such as Disney Princess, Frozen, Paw Patrol, Star Wars, Avengers, Despicable Me.

Magic Art Scratchers

Magic Art Scratchers

Magic Art Scratchers feature designs that are layered with silver latex which, when scratched with a coin or special tool reveals a surprise design and patterns. Some designs feature areas which can then be colored as an activity.

Magic Paint Posters

Magic Paint Sheets and Paint Books

Magic Paint Sheets and Paint Books are watercolor activities that keep kids busy and using their imagination. Paint Sheets and Books are perfect for educational giveaways, restaurant placemats, or a fun activity for children at any event. Paint a masterpiece with water and a cotton swab – a magical experience. A variety of available designs include animals, dinosaurs, aliens, fire safety, sports, super heroes, and many more. These themed activity sheets are nontoxic and will provide hours of fun for children.



ColorUps Coloring Posters are activity products that feature raised textures to help facilitate coloring with markers, which are included in the sets. ColorUps are available in traditional themes, with and without glitter, and come in an assortment of sizes.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) designs on our temporary tattoos and stickers are unique and innovative piece of artwork that are created with a special hidden code in the design. When the design is scanned with our free EVOKE App, the code triggers a 3D animation with stunning graphics and sound to come to life on your device! You can capture your AR experience by taking photos and videos to share on social media – right in the App. Find EVOKE in the App Store for Apple products and in Google Play. The App allows peace of mind by allowing children under the age of 13 to capture photos and videos, but does not allow them to access social media. Click here to see our AR products!