Corporate Outreach

TM International believes in giving back!

Not only do we stress exceptional service to our clients and customers, but also we strive to enrich as many lives as we can through our dedication to community service and outreach.

Learn more about some of our most recent outreach endeavors:

Northern California Fires

In October 2017, we sent Halloween treats, clothing (provided by PEEPS through Jester Loria Group) and other goodies to the children put out of their homes due to the Northern California Fires.

Kids Wish

Kid’s Wish is a charitable organization who grant’s once in-a-lifetime wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses. TM International’s retail division, SAVVi, donated a pallet of products to Kids Wish to give to the children with life-threatening illnesses.

TMM Family Services

We recently have partnered with TMM Family Services in Tucson. TMM Family Services has served the most vulnerable population in Southern Arizona and was instrumental in the development and growth of organizations such as the Community Food Bank, Miracle Square Apartments and Travelers Aid. We’ve sent over product and materials for them to distribute as needed and will continue this partnership throughout 2018.

Ford Aquatics Center

In October 2017, we volunteered and donated product to the Ford Aquatics Center in Tucson. The center hosted a Halloween party and canned food drive to benefit the Tucson Community Food Bank.