In addition to pioneering many print novelty and packaging technologies, especially in temporary tattoo channels, TMI has a reputation for working with its customers to develop innovative designs and processes that meet new and unusual product needs.

DreamWorks Turbo

In concert with Clean Fun Promotional Marketing, TMI was able to create a specialty temporary tattoo for the July 17 release of Dreamwork’s movie, Turbo, the story of Theo, a garden snail who dreams of becoming the fastest racer in the world.  Thanks to a freak accident, Theo’s dream comes true when he becomes Turbo, and earns a place in the Indianapolis 500.

Clean Fun contacted TMI in search of a way to highlight Turbo’s fluorescent, turbo-charged racing spiral that would set it apart from traditional temporary tattoos.

Our Custom Products Division was able to work with TMI designers and print technologists to develop the tattoo with unique placement of spot glitter that met Clean Fun’s needs, and made Turbo’s spiral seem fluorescent.

The Turbo Spot-Glitter temporary tattoos were distributed in concert with Turbo openings in theaters across the U.S.