Vending Supply

Vending Supply is the leading manufacturer of US-made temporary tattoos for flat vending machines. Our temporary tattoos are a quality product, with numerous design options conveniently packaged to ensure hassle-free vending in flat vending machines. Our temporary tattoo designs target different age groups from young children to teenagers and adults.

In addition to our temporary tattoos, Vending Supply also offers flat vending stickers which are fun to decorate laptops, binders, coloring pages and everything in between.

Vending Supply also carries a variety of bulk vending products including toys and trinkets for 1” capsules, classic bouncy balls, soft plush and temporary tattoos for 2” capsules. With our large assortment of products, vendors are able to fill their vending machines with quality products that entice customers to make return purchases.

Throughout the year we continue to increase our product offering. To view all Vending Supply products, visit the website at