Our Mission

Our mission at TM International is to engage people of all ages through our products, to be creative, to be learning, to be interactive with others and most importantly – HAVE FUN!

Our core VALUES strive to distinguish ourselves from the ordinary, set our sights high and achieve what has never been done before. Accordingly, our value statement is built on DREAMS:

  • Development:

    We are committed to continuous learning and growth. We apply these ideals to grow our organization into a leading consumer products lifestyle company. We will work to develop and enhance our employees. We will also strive to improve the minds and imaginations of our consumers and their life experiences.

  • Relationships:

    We understand that our people are what make us unique and successful. We foster teamwork, camaraderie and harmonious relationships among our employees. We continue to cultivate relationships we have with our customers and consumers, realizing that they come to us by choice.

  • Excellence:

    We are committed to superior performance, getting things done right the first time and meeting and exceeding customer and shareholder expectations. We will work toward continuous improvement and innovation in our ongoing quest to be one of the best in the industry.

  • Ambition:

    We understand that you cannot achieve great things without the drive to succeed and a love for what you do. Consequently, we stress the importance of personal leadership, professional growth and entrepreneurship. We will always strive to be leaders in our field.

  • Maximization:

    We will capitalize on a diversified growth strategy, create a global reach and drive our entrepreneurial spirit to help maximize value and return for all of our shareholders, who include our investors, employees, customers and consumers.

  • Service:

    Not only do we stress exceptional service to our clients and customers, we strive to enrich as many lives as we can through our dedication to community service and outreach.