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As a leading manufacturer of temporary tattoos in the United States, we take immense pride in showcasing the global reach of our products. Our tattoos, along with various other items, are sold in numerous locations worldwide, bringing joy and self-expression to people across the globe.

Self-Seal Hang Bag, Insert & Round Hole

Best For: Temporary Tattoos, Tattoo Sheets, Paper Activity Sets
Design your own Custom Tattoo Sheet and Insert Card Set! Packaged in a Self-Seal Hang Bag with a Round Hang Hold for easy display. Perfect for promotions, events, or retail. Get creative and make a lasting impression.

Paper Pouch with Pop-Out Hang Tab

Best For: Temporary Tattoos, Tattoo Sheets, Paper Activity Sets
Effortlessly display products with our Paper Pouch, featuring a Pop-Out Hang Tab. Perfect for retail, events, or promotions. Securely hold and showcase merchandise with style. Captivate your audience with this functional and attractive packaging solution.

Self-Seal Hang Bag Round Hole

Best For: Temporary Tattoos, Tattoo Sheets, Paper Activity Sets
Effortlessly store and showcase your tattoo designs with our Tattoo Sheet in a Self-Seal Hang Bag, featuring a Round Hole. Perfect for retail, events, or promotions, this practical packaging solution keeps your tattoos secure and easily accessible.

Self-Seal No Hole

Best For: Temporary Tattoos, Tattoo Sheets, Paper Activity Sets
Ensure the utmost protection for your temporary tattoos with our resealable Self-Seal No-Hole packaging. The self-sealing feature eliminates the need for holes, keeping your tattoos intact and ready for display. Perfect for retail, events, or promotional activities.

Polypropylene Fin Seal Overwrap

Best For: Temporary Tattoos

Protect and enhance your tattoos with our Polypropylene Fin Seal, creating a durable and attractive covering. Specifically designed for products that may come into contact with food items, ensuring both safety and visual appeal.
Tattoo Activity Set Packaging

Large Self-Seal Hang Bag Round Hole

Best For: Temporary Tattoos, Coasters, Activity Kits, Tattoo Sheets, Scratchers
Enhance the presentation of your Activity Kits, Tattoos, Coasters, Scratchers & More with our Insert Card in a resealable Self-Seal Hang Bag, complete with a Round Hole. Convenient packaging that ensures protection and easy display.

Staple Header

Best For: Temporary Tattoos, Tattoo Sheets, Paper Activity Sets
Ideal for retail, our Staple Header Tattoo Bag offers a customizable header to showcase your brand and marketing content. The clear bag ensures visibility and protection for your tattoos. Elevate your presentation and captivate your customers with this practical packaging solution.

Counter CDU Box

Best For: Temporary Tattoos, Tattoo Sheets, Activity Sets
Enhance your brand visibility with our customizable counter display units. Perfect for point-of-purchase displays, they effectively showcase products like Tattoos, Magic Paint Books, Color Ups, and more. Maximize your impact at the checkout counter with this versatile promotional solution.

Floor CDU Display

Best For: All Retail Products
Enhance your retail space with our fully customizable floor display solution. Crafted from durable cardboard, our displays are designed to showcase your products effectively. Plus, we provide hooks as part of the package, ensuring a seamless setup process for your convenience.

Coaster Box

Best For: Drink Coasters

Present your coasters in style with our full color customizable coaster boxes. Each box accommodates 10 coasters, making it perfect for corporate gifts, event favors, or retail displays. Make a statement and leave a lasting impression with this versatile packaging solution.


Best For: Drink Coasters

Coaster orders are shrink-wrapping in sets of 75 unless alternative packaging is chosen. This packaging solution ensures easy handling, storage, and distribution, saving you time and effort while maintaining product integrity.


Best For: Temporary Tattoos, Coasters, Activity Kits, Tattoo Sheets, Scratchers
Discover our high-quality, full-color boxes tailored for Activity Kits. Designed with a practical peek-a-boo window, these customizable boxes elegantly showcase your product. Enhance your brand identity and make a lasting impact with these professional and visually appealing packaging solutions.

Our Products


Creative coloring products that guide the user inside the lines of imagination. 


Just add water paint activities with endless creative possibilities. 


Self Expression & Fun Filled Temporary Body Art we have made since 1989


Scratch and reveal products to use for promotion or creativity with art. 


If it's a booklet we can make it. Calendars, Coloring Books, Tattoo Booklets and more. 


Beverage coasters in various sizes and shapes. Activity coasters for entertainment.


Mix and Match our manufactured items to create unique activity sets with packaging. 


Make a little noise and show off your design with 2 sided custom fan banners.

Make Your Products POP

with custom packaging!