What's New

Welcome to the latest update on the TMI manufacturing front, where innovation and progress are at the heart of our operations. We are excited to share with you the newest developments, cutting-edge technologies, and groundbreaking solutions that are reshaping the manufacturing landscape. As a leading industry player, we continuously strive to push boundaries and deliver exceptional products and services to our valued clients. Join us as we unveil what's new and showcase our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our manufacturing endeavors.
TMI Launches New Employee Recognition program to show appreciation for team members at all levels.
Retail partners have taken TMI products to a new place! Yes, you can now find Savvi products on Amazon for purchase. 
Tattoo Gone Wipes help customers enjoy changing temporary tattoos out everyday.
Customers are loving the new PopUp! Game Sports Coasters designed and engineered right here in Tucson Arizona. 
TMI boost coaster production to meet needs of customers across the US and Canada.
Booklets are a popular item for 2023 and the incorporation of Tattoo sheets inside has been a great addition for many customers.